The Rhythm is Gone

2009 BRIT UK Songwriting Contest Finalist
Sir, I have had my run
As a bear in your marching band.
I’m getting those urges again
And it’s difficult to behave.
Surrounded by legs
Chopping air in their reds,
Leather boots assembled in rows
Just like sushi rolls
Under the noonday sun,
Filled to the brim with blood.

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Medusa Lives

Medusa lives of bored housewives.
Shovelled their lot of kids and TV nights.
Huddled in cozy snake-pits
Rattling with their madness.


This little pinky’s gone to town.
Down at the pub, the mates are buying rounds.
Fishing for mermaids again under a scum of lager.

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This was a spoof instrumental arrangement of a traditional Cypriot folk song for the chippie-makover scene in the film  Fish’n’Chips.


I pickled my heart in formaldehyde
And rinsed it out for you tonight
So don’t go looking for iambic poetry
I don’t have any love to give.
Not on the light of my cigarette.
Or hidden away in a minaret.
Times are tight but you can have this song
Now I think that I’ll run along.

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Higher Than Life

At the rail by the waterway
Leaning over the folding grey
Stands a baron in heavy thought
Listening to the turning rock
Like a message upon a breeze
All the way from the Hebrides.
‘Take a dive,
Now the water’s fine
And the time is right
‘Cause there ain’t no sign
Higher than life.’

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