Bradford and Samantha is a proposal for an animated short film (or series) with a total duration between 15 and 25 minutes. Targeting an adult audience, the film is a juxtaposition of diametrically opposite elements—a comedy of terrors balancing precariously between the credible and the absurd.

The film is distinctly contemporary, commenting on postmodernist phenomena of globalised media culture: packaged personalities, the blurring between marketing and ‘reporting’, credulous audiences and the ever more risible distinction between fine art and celebrity culture […]

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Elvis: Bradford! Pull me up! Save me!

Bradford: (s/t) Why, of course! What was I thinking?

Elvis: Listen to me, Bradford! I made you this way—only I can repair you again!

Samantha: (s/t) I can’t hold on!

Bradford: (s/t) Let go of the jaw! Samantha was very attached to it!

Elvis: You must understand! It was the only way! The Sonata for Mandibles and Percussion can only be performed with the right type of bone! Ever since I saw you on Bitchkrieg House… I knew you were the ones!

Bradford: (s/t) What kind of moron actually watches that programme?

Elvis: It’s my favourite show… after Celebrity Colonoscopy.

Bradford: (s/t) Oh my god! Did you see the second season?

Samantha: (s/t) My arm. Is about. To pop. […]

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Bradford and Samantha, the celebrity couple made famous from the reality programme Bitchkrieg House, appear on The Renee Flowers Show, where they talk about their career plans and show off tacky tattoos of each other’s name as a token of their engagement.

Immediately after the show wraps, the couple start to bicker and it becomes apparent that their relationship is nothing but a promotional arrangement. During meetings with their put-upon manager, Samantha is shown to be capricious and neurotic, while Bradford undergoes a cocaine-fuelled psychotic breakdown.

En route to their next promotional booking, the couple’s limousine is involved in a car crash. They come-to inside a clinic where they are tended over separately by a solitary character called Doctor Abbatage. He seduces Samantha with promises of a new plastic face and songs about French cheese, meanwhile subduing Bradford with massive doses of morphine. […]

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