Maya Node Math: Vectors and How to Get Them

This tutorial introduces vectors and demonstrates some common ways of accessing them in Maya node networks.

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Maya Node Math: Vector Operations

This tutorial introduces and demonstrates the following vector operations:

  • Magnitude measurement
  • Normalisation
  • The cross product
  • The dot product
  • Addition
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Maya Node Math: Hands-On Matrices

Understanding how to manipulate transformation matrices can greatly expand your Maya rigging repertoire. This article will eschew theoretical discussions. Instead, it will demonstrate fundamental concepts by guiding you through a simple node-based constraint setup.

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Maya: Deformation Smoothing Using cMuscleSystem

It’s common within production to smooth out rough or glitchy deformations, or get rid of seams in deformer influence, using some sort of averaging approach. The cMuscleSystem deformer in Maya provides a very simple way of doing this.

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Maya: Easy Sticky Lips

The ‘sticky lips’ effect is a common method of adding ‘fleshiness’ to any mouth rig. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create it using Maya’s ‘wire’ deformer.

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